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Alarm Management Committees Started In Texas & Mississippi

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13 states across the nation have established partnerships between law enforcement and alarm industry 
FRISCO, Texas (May 20, 2009) – Texas and Mississippi joined a growing list of states seeking a cooperative approach to improving alarm management practices. As states and municipalities across the country grapple with resource issues, Texas and Mississippi become the 12th and 13th states to take a novel approach to reducing calls from alarm monitoring centers, thus improving resource allocation.
As state chapters, Texas and Mississippi alarm management committees will be comprised of six members. Committee members will develop and implement best practices to reduce unnecessary alarm dispatches and provide better service to their statewide communities. 
“There’s a tremendous amount of positive energy generated by these committees because people are coming together from different disciplines and sharing their best ideas and effective practices,” said SIAC Law Enforcement Representative Glen Mowrey. “I expect the number of these committees to continue to grow as alarm management practices are refined and improved nationwide.”
Meeting quarterly, alarm management committees are made up of three regional representatives from the alarm industry and three police chiefs. Each committee is primarily focused on the implementation of the IACP (International Association of Chief’s of Police) model alarm ordinance as a statewide policy, endorsement of a two-call verification (ECV) system prior to police dispatch, and working in concert on legislative issues that can to help reduce false alarm dispatches state-wide.
“We are very excited to begin work with our new alarm management committee,” said Chief Greg Rushin, Plano, Texas. “There are thousands of local municipalities and alarm companies throughout Texas and we have seen from other states that a cooperative relationship between the alarm companies and law enforcement is the most efficient way to operate.” 
“Understanding that both law enforcement and alarm companies have different ideas on how to define success is the first step in creating a cohesive working environment,” added Don Williams, Mississippi Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. “We both want to provide residents and business owners with the highest level of protection. Through mutual cooperation we can make this happen.”
To date, alarm management committees have been established in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Alabama, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana, Connecticut, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi and Texas.
Mowery concluded, “I could not be happier with the success of the alarm management committees. By establishing an open and honest line of communication, we are bridging the gap between two entities that have not typically worked together in the past. This cooperation will only lead to the better protection of homes and businesses nationwide.”
Courtesy of SDM Magazine, the above graphic demonstrates (in red) all the states across the country who have also formed alarm management committees prior to Texas and Mississippi joining the growing number.


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