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Eau Claire PD Teams With Alarm Industry

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Eau Claire Police Department Teams with Alarm Industry

Proven Strategies Reduce Alarm Calls for Service


Frisco, Texas (March 1, 2011) – The Eau Claire, Wisconsin police department reports a dramatic decrease in calls for service thanks to a program developed with the Wisconsin Electronic Security Association (WIESA).  Between 2005 and 2011 alarm dispatches dropped by 50 percent thanks to the implementation of proven strategies developed by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) and law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.

“Our mutual goal is for our community to benefit from the protection alarm systems afford, while at the same time making sure that police resources are used in the most effective manner to protect the community,” said Lt. Chad Hoyord. “This program has closed the gap for this objective.”

The police department sends a letter to alarm users following a false alarm outlining the importance of operating the system correctly and the fees for repeat offenders.  In addition, the police department required the alarm industry to implemented Enhanced Call Verification (ECV), a policy of at least two telephone contacts with the alarm site or the alarm owner prior to dispatching officers.

“ECV is one of the most effective programs for identifying a system that has been accidentally activated,” said WIESA member Dave Koenig. “It is a best practice that has shown dramatic results throughout the U.S. as alarm associations and police work together.”  

“We have had excellent cooperation from our businesses, citizens, and alarm providers in this effort,” said Lt. Hoyord. “Our false alarms have been reduced by almost 30% from 2009 to 2010."

“The success of this program is especially impressive when you consider the growing number of alarm systems in the community,” said WIESA alarm response committee member Mike Horgan.

“I would encourage any police department with alarm questions to contact their state alarm association or SIAC for assistance,” said Lt. Hoyord.

About SIAC

SIAC is comprised of four major North American security associations – Canadian Security Association (CANASA), Security Industry Association (SIA), Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), and the Electronic Security Association (ESA) – representing one voice for the alarm industry on alarm management issues. SIAC’s primary charter is to significantly reduce calls for service while strengthening the lines of communication with law enforcement professionals and end users. For more information contact:


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