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National Sheriffs Endorse Enhanced Call Verification

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National Sheriffs Endorse Enhanced Call Verification

FRISCO, Texas (July 15, 2011) – The National Sheriffs Association (NSA),  has endorsed Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) as a proven and effective way to reduce unnecessary calls for service at its general membership meeting on June 20, 2011. ECV is one of the best practices promoted by the Security Industry Alarm Association (SIAC) in its work with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. 

The Sheriff’s Association resolution notes that research shows two or more calls to the alarm owner prior to a request for service  “significantly reduce alarm dispatches, thereby freeing up law enforcement resources that can be redirected to Homeland Security issues.”

            “SIAC has been working with law enforcement leaders throughout the U.S. as well as our industry to implement ECV and other best practices which have already substantially reduced calls for police service while maintaining the police response the public values and expects,” said Stan Martin, Executive Director of SIAC. “This endorsement will help further these efforts and we look forward to continuing to work with the NSA and its members on alarm issues.”

In response to this endorsement, SIAC is urging all alarm dealers to instruct their respective monitoring centers to implement two-call verification immediately.  “It absolutely reduces unnecessary alarm dispatches.  Customers love it,” Martin said.   

“We urge any Sheriff’s Department or law enforcement agency that would like assistance on alarm issues to contact SIAC,” said Martin. “Our services are provided without cost and can help develop and implement programs with a proven track record of reducing dispatches and managing alarm issues.”

In its resolution, the NSA urges local jurisdictions to adopt “procedures or ordinances mandating enhanced or multiple call verification procedures.  NSA requests that all citizens using residential and commercial alarm systems accept and support this national best practice to reduce unnecessary dispatches.”


SIAC is comprised of four major North American security associations--Canadian Security Association (CANASA), Security Industry Association (SIA), Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), and the Electronic Security Association (ESA)--representing one voice for the alarm industry on alarm management issues. SIAC’s primary charter is to significantly reduce calls for service while strengthening the lines of communication with law enforcement professionals and end users. For more information, contact


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