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SIAC Offers Tools to Prevent Unnecessary Dispatches

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SIAC Offers New Training Tools to Prevent Unnecessary Dispatches

Customer Error Remains Main Cause of False Alarms


Frisco, Texas (December 7, 2011) – The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) has developed new training materials to help alarm companies and central stations decrease the number of dispatches caused by customer error.  The material is offered at no cost to the alarm industry as part of SIAC’s ongoing successful programs to reduce unnecessary responses.


“We have had tremendous success with ‘two-call’ verification, model ordinances and CP-01 equipment standards,” said Stan Martin, SIAC Executive Director.  “Calls for service have been dramatically reduced in communities that adopt national best practices while maintaining the deterrent value of police response.”


User errors have always been a huge part of the alarm dispatch problem, causing as high as 77% of all police dispatches, but SIAC has no direct contact with these end users. So these materials were specifically targeted to put real solutions in the hands of the installing side of the industry. “To that end we have developed a free program that uses a power point presentation for orientation and also includes check lists, user tip sheets and other materials that will aid in customer education.”


Ron Walters, who developed the materials for SIAC and serves as Director, stated “What is especially unique to this program is that we are encouraging the alarm companies to take the materials and rebrand them. It is hoped this rebranding will further encourage alarm companies to buy into and own the program.”


Walters stated that “we have always made customer education a part of every SIAC industry presentation, but that is a very limited audience. It is our intention in 2012 to apply greater focus on the user error issue, distributing and promoting these materials as another piece of our strategic initiatives for 2012.  By educating the industry and providing expert training so employees have quality information, we can help the industry make a significant improvement in this area.”


As a first step, SIAC has added a link to its Web site:, where users can download a PowerPoint presentation and other materials to use in training and educating customers in the field. There is also a new email address -- -- where specific questions can be answered as well as providing feedback on this initiative.


“It is very important that we take the time to educate customers about how their alarm system works,” said Martin. “This includes using plain language rather than industry jargon and allowing the customer some hands-on training and experience with the system.”


The materials are based on the highly successful “Alarm Schools” that many law enforcement agencies are currently using as part of their alarm reduction programs.  It is not equipment-specific and can be modified for individual companies.


“We are already receiving very positive feedback from alarm companies that have utilized the program,” said Martin.   For any additional information, contact SIAC through


“The industry must own our share of the responsibility to properly train the alarm users; and this must start at the level of the alarm installer. Every company needs to accept responsibility for providing the right training,” said Martin. “Human error remains a major issue that we need to address because it provides a better experience for our customers and improves our relationship with law enforcement across the country.”

 About SIAC

SIAC is comprised of four major North American security associations--Canadian Security Association (CANASA), Security Industry Association (SIA), Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), and the Electronic Security Association (ESA)--representing one voice for the alarm industry on alarm management issues. SIAC’s primary charter is to significantly reduce calls for service while strengthening the lines of communication with law enforcement professionals and end users. For more information, contact


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