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Marietta Police - An Alarm Reduction Success Story

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The Marietta Police Department has just announced a whopping 65% reduction in alarm dispatches after applying a model ordinance that was developed by their state chiefs organization as a result of a initiative employed by SIAC.  A long-term goal of SIAC is to establish "Alarm Management Committees" in all interested states.  This committee is formed through the state chiefs association and typically consists of three active chiefs and three alarm industry representatives from the respective state, a model developed and being deployed by SIAC.  After the committee is formed usually the next step is to create a State Model Ordinance that is crafted from the Model Ordinance that we recommend.  Of course the benefit in all of this is clear...  an ordinance that is crafted and jointly accepted by the state chiefs and state alarm association leadership is nearly always accepted by all the other police departments in the state!

It is no coincidence that Chief Dan Flynn of the Marietta Police Department is also the chairman of the Georgia Chiefs "Alarm Management Committee" and what a powerful testimony it is to his fellow chiefs in the state that he has applied that model ordinance and yielded such significant reductions!  In his update to colleagues he cites parallel reductions in Calls For Service and crime, noting that the alarm dispatch reductions (resulting increase in officer availability) has been a contributing factor.


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