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Habitec Security Says Two Call Verification Provides Measurable Results

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Habitec Security Says Two Call Verification Provides Measurable Results

SIAC Says Two Call Verification is Industry Best Practice


FRISCO, Texas (April 19, 2012) – Habitec Security reports that since implementing two call verification, dispatch calls for police to respond to monitored business and residential alarm systems have decreased by 20 percent.  The company expects that reduction to continue to increase as it updates the data sheets for its 15,000 customers.

“We owe it to our customers and our law enforcement partners to do everything we can to make sure police are contacted in situations where they are really needed,” said John Smythe President of Habitec Security.

“Initially, the process of implementing two call verification required some additional staff time to contact customers and update and expand their contact information,” said Smythe. “Ultimately, we believe the process will reduce the workload on our dispatchers because they will not have to contact law enforcement or make additional contacts if they determine there is no need for a response.”      

“It is vital that our industry stay ahead of the curve on this issue,” said Stan Martin, Executive Director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC).  “Two call verification has proven to be successful in every community where it has been implemented, and is considered an industry best practice and is recommended by law enforcement.”

“Our industry needs to be sensitive to the fact that police agencies are being asked to do their jobs with fewer resources,” said Smythe.  “Reducing calls for false alarms is one way our industry can do its part to help public safety agencies and protect our customers.”   


SIAC is comprised of four major North American security associations--Canadian Security Association (CANASA), Security Industry Association (SIA), Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), and the Electronic Security Association (ESA)--representing one voice for the alarm industry on alarm management issues. SIAC’s primary charter is to significantly reduce calls for service while strengthening the lines of communication with law enforcement professionals and end users. For more information, contact

About Habitec Security

Habitec Security was founded in 1972 and today is one of the nation’s largest residential and commercial security companies.  The company serves more than 15,000 customers from offices in Toledo, Central Ohio and North Michigan.



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