A recent alarm ordinance has been publicized for Douglas County, NE, to alert local residents of their need to register their alarm systems with the county. It went into effect this past summer, and SIAC has posted this to our State Activity Report. For the convenience of the alarm industry, we post regularly to this page new and proposed alarm ordinances, along with other modifications.

It’s a great resource we offer our members and if you have not registered, you may do so by clicking the link above. The postings inform you in a timely manner and keep you abreast of details for local jurisdictions your company is servicing.

The Douglas County ordinance mandated registration if the alarm company used a central service station and then called law enforcement for dispatch. The ordinance mirrors Omaha’s false alarm residents.

The ordinance only applies to intruder alarms — it has no impact on fire, CO2, or other alarms you may have in your home. The first call for registered false alarm calls comes at no cost, but false alarm call numbers two and three will cost $100. After that, it bumps up to $250.

In these situations, law enforcement and communities do their best to inform alarm companies and citizens. Our SIAC State Activity Report augments that, giving you an additional resource targeted to alert you to information you need to comply.

That’s important to ensure you meet all local ordinance requirements. We’re proud to provide this ongoing service to our industry.