IACP Encourages the Use of 2020 Model Ordinance

Jul 27, 2021 | Uncategorized

We’re hugely encouraged because the IACP encourages the use of the 2020 Model Alarm Ordinance. That’s GREAT news!

The International Association of Chiefs of Police believe so strongly in the provisions and effectiveness of the model ordinance that they now encourage police around the world to implement the Model Ordinance we put together with their input. Not only does that make us proud here at SIAC, but it also demonstrates the importance of working together to solve crime problems.

There resolution is straightforward. For simplicity, we are printing it below so you can read it in their words and why it is important:

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the importance of strong relationships between law enforcement and the private sector; and,

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the importance of accountability in false alarm reduction to maximize officer safety and efficiency in the deployment of law enforcement resources; and,

WHEREAS, IACP acknowledges that correctly installed, operated and monitored electronic security systems are effective resources which help to deter crime, assist in apprehensions, reduce property loss and potentially save lives; and,

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the need to focus on the credibility of alarms received by Public Safety Answering Points/Emergency Communication Centers from alarm companies and private entities through the establishment of best practices as contained in this Model Ordinance for Alarm Management and False Alarm Reduction, duly vetted and recommended by the Private Sector Liaison Section; and,

WHEREAS, IACP recognizes the need for and value of enforcement tools and alarm management processes recommended in this Model Ordinance to achieve the desired reduction in alarm dispatches experienced by police agencies; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the IACP encourages the use of the 2020 Model Ordinance for Alarm Management and False Alarm Reduction and all of the leading practices it contains by law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

The Alarm Model Ordinance contains the best practices for alarm management and represents over twenty years of joint law enforcement — alarm industry cooperation.  Many of the SACOP – – State Association of Chiefs of Police — have adopted a version of this model for use in their respective states.

SIAC has worked WITH the IACP for MANY years on a multitude of issues. This is one more big success in terms of our cooperative efforts, and we are thankful for their input, experience and commitment to sharing the message about the strength and need for the model ordinance.