Johnson Controls, Resideo, ADT, Comcast, NetOne, Vivint Now Part of SIAC Advisory Board

Jun 2, 2021 | Blog, SIAC News

In an effort to garner additional board input from those who have a substantial investment in SIAC, the Board of Director modified its by-laws over a year ago.  We expanded our board from eight to ten voting members plus an elected chairman for a total of eleven.

Currently each of the industry associations — ESA, TMA, SIA and CANASA — has two representatives selected by each respective group; then they elect a chairman for a two-year term that can be re-elected for one additional two-year period.

Keith Baird/Resideo and Tony Mucci/Johnson Controls – New Voting Board Members

Under the new by-laws, an “Advisory Committee” has been created to be made up of all “for-profit” entities that contribute a minimum amount set by the board. Currently that amount is $25,000.  The members of the Advisory Committee will then select TWO of its members as voting representatives to the SIAC Board of Directors for a term of one year. This gives our largest contributors a voice on the board.

“Our board concluded that it was necessary and proper to give these companies who account for nearly 50 percent of our annual revenue a voice on our board. They bring additional prospective and wisdom that will greatly enhance the decisions that will guide the future of SIAC,” Kirk MacDowell, Chair of the SIAC Board, said.

All advisory council members receive board packets and can actively participate in all board calls, but only the TWO designated reps can vote.

SIAC Treasurer Tim Creenan said, “Any company that increases their contribution to $25,000 will automatically qualify as a member of the Advisory Council.”

Current companies that make up “Advisory Council”:

Johnson Controls – $105,000
Resideo – $100,000
ADT – $50,000
Comcast – $50,000
NetOne – $40,000
Vivint – $25,000

Voting board representatives include Tony Mucci, Johnson Controls, and Keith Baird, Resideo.