Mike Salk Honored by California

Jan 4, 2022 | Blog

We first met Mike Salk over 15 years ago. Maybe 20. Our collective memory here at SIAC may not be what it used to.

Regardless of the exact timing, Mike joined us on an alarm ordinance journey in California. Verified Response reared its head, and Mike was there to provide help, insights and local contacts. His expertise and intel proved invaluable during that battle (and it was one of our major battles at the forefront of the Verified Response onslaught).

The fact is Mike was always there when we needed help, a rare breed of dealer who always says yes, I’ll be there, or what can I do next…  When he committed, he always followed through.  Our best estimate is probably near 25 ordinances that he engaged in.  For those of you that don’t know, that usually means two,  three or more visits with key players per ordinance issue.  That’s a huge commitment of time for any volunteer! 

Now, the California Alarm Association (CAA) has honored Mike with its 23rd Annual CAA Tribute Award for association leadership. We salute Mike for his CAA work and all that he’s done on alarm management issues over the years. CAA pointed out Mike’s commitment to the association, and SIAC recognizes that extends to his work in communities helping to improve local alarm management practices.

As a Boy Scout leader, we know Mike shared many values from that organization with SIAC’s Jon Sargent, whose son served in the Sea Scouts, before moving onto the U.S. Navy. Good people help others develop and grow in positive directions, and Mike is a great example for others in our industry. His CAA award is much deserved!