Welcome Chief Doug Davis to SIAC Team

Jan 18, 2021 | Blog, Uncategorized

Please welcome former Police Chief Doug Davis to the SIAC team. He will serve as one of our law enforcement liaisons for the eastern U.S. As he transitions and trains over the next several  months, he will work with Glen Mowrey, who has shifted to part-time in his role as Law Enforcement Liaison. Our plan is to spread the east coast duties between Doug and Glen.

We are extremely pleased to have Doug on board. He has a wide range of experience, not only as the Police Chief of Waynesboro, VA for eight years, but in other law enforcement positions heading back to when he joined the police force in 1977. Most recently, Doug has been an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Criminal Justice Program at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA.

Picture of Doug Davis

Doug has written extensively on many crime-related issues, has a strong network with law enforcement across the U.S., and is integrally involved in multiple professional organizations connected to law enforcement. His long service, communication skills and unique insights based on direct experience will help SIAC continue to work closely with law enforcement officials and provide the security industry and SIAC with insider perspective on better ways to find alarm management solutions.

Beyond his resume, Doug is personable, committed and interested in making a positive difference in applying the best alarm management techniques while working closely with local communities. The addition of Doug to the team will eventually allow Glen to lighten the tremendous load he has carried for so many years.

Welcome aboard, Doug. We are glad to have you with us, and look forward to further enhancing our relationships with law enforcement across the U.S.

Doug can be reached at 540.470.0017.