The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC)

One voice for the Alarm industry on alarm management issues


Concerned Citizens

SIAC provides guidance and expertise to help communities manage alarm issues while maintaining police response.

Law Enforcement

SIAC provides resources at no cost to help communities significantly false alarms

Alarm Dealers

SIAC represents our industry on alarm management issues 

Concerned Citizens

Law Enforcement 

Alarm Dealers

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Model Ordinance Results – Stats


Average Alarm Dispatch reduction per city


Of customers will not have a single dispatch in a year

1,000 of the 3,500  communities using a form of the model ordinance

Our Mission


Through our law enforcement outreach we share the well-vetted best practices to include in an alarm ordinance and provide the reasoning behind each recommendation.  We also explain why alternate programs suggested by a handful of agencies are not beneficial to citizens or effective for reducing false alarms.

Network Liaison

Through our Alarm Management Committees in many states and our active participation with IACP, NSA, Major County Sheriffs’ and Major City Chiefs associations SIAC is well-connected with leadership and can effectively communicate issues and coordinate solutions related to alarm management.


Given our vast knowledge and twenty plus years of experience in the alarm management arena we are able to respond quickly and articulate strong arguments against unlawful or il-advised  practices or programs that may be proposed by local, state or national agencies. We have data and examples we share to facilitate the removal of these onerous provisions, while providing solutions that work.


Using our network of contacts with leadership in law enforcement built upon trust and experience we are able to quickly respond to requests for assistance. As experts on Alarm Management we can provide an industry perspective to media inquiries.


Stan Martin

Stan Martin
Executive Director
Frisco, TX
Ph: 972.377.9401

Glen Mowery
Law Enforcement Liaison
Charlotte, NC
Ph: 704.573.9759

Steve Keefer
Law Enforcement Liaison (Western U.S.)
Sparks, NV
Ph: 775.813.0525

Doug Davis

Doug Davis
Law Enforcement Liaison
(Eastern U.S.)
East Bend, NC
Ph: 540.470.0017

Customer Reviews



This is a story about apprehending a criminal, courtesy of Marietta, GA Police Chief Dan Flynn. Chief Flynn believes strongly in the public-private partnership effort between law enforcement and the electronic security industry, and wanted to share this story with...

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Why Training Counts

Training counts. It counts when it comes to developing your employees. It counts when it comes to ensuring quality installations and service calls. And, it counts when it comes to alarm management. The Electronic Security Association (ESA) offers multiple training...

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Technology Advancement

SIAC’s stated mission is “One Voice for the Alarm Industry on Alarm management Issues.”  Therefore, we don’t recommend one technology over another to improve the operation of alarm management systems. There’s a reason for that. We are not in the business of promoting...

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IACP Encourages the Use of 2020 Model Ordinance

We’re hugely encouraged because the IACP encourages the use of the 2020 Model Alarm Ordinance. That’s GREAT news! The International Association of Chiefs of Police believe so strongly in the provisions and effectiveness of the model ordinance that they now encourage...

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