William N. Moody Awards

About the William N. Moody Award

The William N Moody award was created in 2004 by the SIAC Board of Directors to acknowledge those special few individuals who unselfishly give of their time and talents to alarm management issues and who reflect the attributes of Bill Moody which include integrity, fairness and perseverance in the face of adversity; very unique qualities in honor of a very special person indeed.

Award Inscription

Let those who have failed take courage
tho’ the enemy seems to have won,
tho’ his ranks are strong.
If he be in the wrong
the battle is not yet done,
for, sure as the morning follows
the darkest hour of the night,
no question is ever settled
until it is settled right.

Past Moody Award Winners

2019 Doug Bassett

Douglas Bassett is the Executive Director of Licensing and Field Compliance for Comcast’s XFINITY Home Security. He directs programs, policies, and practices to ensure the company’s compliance with all applicable low voltage licenses and permit requirements. He works diligently keeping a thorough understanding of current and emerging federal, state, and/or local licensing laws and permitting requirements that govern the installation and service of alarm monitoring and communication products.

He is an industry professional with forty years of leadership experience including management of installation, service, sales, and licensing of local, regional, and national activity. His scope of work and experience includes security, commercial fire, access control, CCTV, and sound in the residential, commercial, new construction, including industrial, and governmental applications.

He has held key leadership positions in numerous national companies including ADT, Brinks Home Security/Broadview and Rollins Protective Services.

Mr. Bassett was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott in June 2016 to the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board for a term running through October 2019. He also serves as an appointed industry member of the State Chiefs of Police Alarm Management Committees in Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

His commitment to this industry and SIAC is unparalleled. When Doug agrees to become a member of any committee/group you can count on his active participation. He is a true professional who speaks with wisdom, shows passion and leads with thoughtful and deliberate action.

His lifetime of service to our industry and the leadership he provides on critical issues is invaluable to our ongoing mission. It is with great honor that we salute Douglas Bassett with the highly prestigious William N. Moody Award.

2015 Stan Martin

Stan Martin

It would take a book to record Stan’s accomplishments in the alarm industry. Suffice it to say that he is the 9-1-1 call the industry makes when there is an important problem that needs to be solved. Here are a few quotes from a sampling of industry leaders, admirers and friends.

When I first brought Stan to the NBFAA as Executive Director, the organization and the industry was at a critical point. The Regional Bell Operating Companies were actively looking to enter and fundamentally change the security industry and Stan was instrumental in the fight on Capitol Hill. His calm and collected manner were key to building consensus within the industry and allowed a collaborative effort to influence lawmakers to the point where the RBOCs essentially gave up.

Stan’s belief that the industry needed, and deserved, a strong national organization was so great that he picked up his roots and moved his entire family across the country from Texas to Washington, D.C. His quiet, yet competitive nature led him to change the face of the NBFAA, now the ESA, exponentially expanding the membership rolls both nationally and through an increased importance and collaboration with state chapters

“But most importantly, more than his business acumen, his professional and personal maturity along with his moral and ethical compass have impacted not just the industry as a whole, but many of us individually” Patrick M. Egan, CEO, Select Security

“Every year, Stan presents this award to well deserving award recipient(s). Stan’s effective selfless leadership has enabled each award winners success. I am overjoyed to see my mentor on public sector outreach be presented with the William Moody award” Jay Hauhn, CSAA Executive Director

“I have so much respect for Stan not only because of his industry contributions but because he is truly a wonderful man, filled with passion, integrity and humility. We are lucky to have him as a resource and a leader in the security industry.” Pam Petrow, Vector Security

“Congratulations Stan on this well-deserved recognition. God has gifted you with the strength and ability to shine brightly in the security industry. What a blessing you are to all of us.” Merlin Gilbeau, Executive Director ESA

“Stan Martin is one of those rare individuals that don’t come along very often. People of true character are becoming more scarce and we are fortunate to have him in our industry. I value our friendship and relationship of 40 years as a prized possession. Congratulations Stan”. Bob Bonifas, ADS and SIAC Founder and Board Member

“I really got to know Stan well when Bob Bonifas and I were invited to be founding Board Members of SIAC. Stan is so highly respected in the industry and a tireless contributor to the security industry. His love for his Wife, Marti, and Daughter Cara is beyond any Family love that I have ever seen. It is easy to see and feel the love and admiration that we have for Stan”. Mel Mahler, SIAC Founder and SIAC Board

“Over the many years, Stan has had the patience of a saint , the wisdom of an old sage and the influence of a diplomat. Very few people have had such a positive influence on our electronic security detection profession. We are all fortunate to have Stan and Marti in our lives”. Ralph Sevinor, Wayne Alarm

“Stan Martin is the key to SIAC’s success working with public safety agencies across North America. He’s very active with the National Sheriffs Association (NSA) , the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the State Association of Chiefs of Police (SACOP). He chairs IACP’s Private Security Liaison Committee’s Alarm Committee and the NSA’s Crime Prevention and Private Security Committee”. Chief Lou Dekmar, LaGrange (GA) PD

“When Stan received the Morris Weinstock “Man of the Year” award, we all thought that he had reached the height of his career in the security industry. Now several decades have passed since that celebration, and Stan has surpassed his accomplishments in service to the industry. Today the “Moody Award”. Do we have a “Man of the Century Award”? If so,Stan deserves that, as well”. Ron Spiller, Executive Director SIA (Retired)

“Stan has always exemplified the “Gentleman” in “Gentleman”. He is always calm and collected and my consummate “Eeyore”. But the sun will come out tomorrow and Stan will make certain of it. Congratulations Stan on an honor well deserved. I am honored to call you “friend”. John Jennings, Recently Retired and Industry Icon

“Stan Martin is a pillar of the alarm industry not just because of his tireless work in the areas of effective alarm management and building relationships with law enforcement, but also due to his high standard of professionalism and kindness of spirit. I greatly appreciate Stan’s partnership with SSI on the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award.” Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief / Associate Publisher, Security Sales & Integration

2013 Sharon Elder

Sharon Elder has worked in the alarm industry since 1981 starting her career with YUASA Batteries in New Jersey. In 2001, she joined the National Monitoring Center (NMC) and is now their Vice President of Sales. She says it was exciting to have been with NMC from the very beginning and is proud about what they have accomplished in such a relatively short time. Sharon also enthusiastically serves as the California Alarm Association’s Scholarship Program Chair, an integral part of the ESA Youth Scholarship Program. Sharon has never been one to turn her back on a challenge. In dozens of communities throughout Southern California, she proactively seeks to meet with police executives and elected officials. She has become “the” go to person for agencies looking to address any alarm management issues. A great example of this was in Anaheim, California when officials decided they would stop responding to alarms. Sharon vigorously sought out and met with officials and explained the more positive solution. She then engaged in the ordinance process, seeing it through to its successful passage. At SIAC, we deeply appreciate Sharon’s commitment to this industry on alarm management issues. Her tenacious and tireless effort continues to pay huge dividends by adding to credibility and stability of our relationship with law enforcement in Southern California. She is a team player with an incredible positive attitude who can always be counted on to get the job done. Today we honor Sharon as our 2013 recipient of the William N. Moody Award, which is given to those individuals who unselfishly donate their time and talents to alarm management issues, and reflect the attributes of Bill Moody: integrity, fairness and perseverance in the face of adversity.

2011 Jay Hauhn

Jay Hauhn has served the electronic security industry in multiple capacities over the past 30 years. During that time, he’s been a supporter of high standards for technology, and improving best practices in managing alarms. As Chief Technology Officer and VP of Industry Relations for Tyco Integrated Security, Jay serves not only his company, but our entire industry with unparalleled expertise. He combines wide knowledge of installing and servicing security systems, with a penchant for pushing new initiatives that improve how our industry operates. As an industry, we’d be less progressive, less supported by outside stakeholders and less successful without Jay’s long-term and powerful input. His support for SIAC and improved alarm management techniques is personal and professional. He does not just talk about it, he makes it happen. He leads by example, taking every commitment seriously! At SIAC, we deeply appreciate his efforts as a board member, and leader in fundraising. We’re able to continue our national outreach because of Jay’s desire to reach out and help raise contributions. It’s a difficult job, but he took it on with enthusiasm. He’s a team player and dedicated to the best interests of the industry. Jay has won multiple industry awards during his career. Those awards stand as a testament to his commitment to the electronic security industry, and to doing the right thing. Today we honor him again. Today, Jay is our winner of the William Moody Award, which is given to those individuals who unselfishly donate their time and talents to alarm management issues, and reflect the attributes of Bill Moody: Integrity, fairness and perseverance in the face of adversity.

2008 Larry Dischert

Prior to his recent retirement, Larry served as Director of Industry and Regulator Liaison for ADT. With over 30 years in the security industry he chaired SIA’s False Alarm Committee, was involved in numerous standards committees and was one of the founding members of the SIAC Board of Directors. Larry chaired the finance committee and took the responsibility of leading the fundraising effort for SIAC. Larry was instrumental in the development of the SIAC-FARA PDQ Award program. He also served on the NBFAA Board of Directors as the National Company Representative. His eye for details and vast knowledge of standards, codes and AHJ policies made him the natural “go to” person for review and approval whenever a change was proposed. Larry was an invaluable team player who always gave 110% to the alarm industry.

2008 Bill Cooper

ADT Industry Liaison Manager, a team oriented player with exceptional communications, writing and negotiating skills. Bill or “Coop” as he is known best is a past president of the Kentucky BFAA, a past recipient of the NBFAA’s “President of the Year” and currently chairs the SIAC “CARE Committee” coordinating field activities. He is ADT’s primary liaison to all law enforcement, fire and industry trade associations and is considered a respected bridge builder. Coop has held numerous positions within the state and national organizations for over twenty years. He has traveled extensively throughout North America representing the industry at crucial times. His wisdom and professionalism in the face of challenging situations have always prevailed. He is considered an indispensable asset to SIAC and key to maintaining the critical balance between larger and smaller

2004 Kathleen Schraufnagel

The inaugural award, to recognize outstanding contributions and leadership of other individuals, was presented to Kathleen Schraufnagel of Brinks Home Security, recognized as one of the strongest leaders on alarm response issues in the United States. Stan Martin, executive director for SIAC said, “Kathleen is dedicated to the industry, self-motivated, diligent in work, and always available to pitch in at any time no matter what the workload.” Schraufnagel has been engaged in alarm management issues for more than 13 years, serving as chair of the NBFAA Alarm Response Management Committee and participating in leadership positions with SIAC, CARE, FARA, North Texas Alarm Association, Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association and several policy think-tank committees.

2017 Leo Guthart

Leo Guthart a veteran of over 35 years in the security industry has been recognized for his leadership and contribution to the industry with the William N. Moody Award. Started in 2004 by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), the Moody award is given annually to an individual who demonstrates a passion for advancing positive alarm management and best industry practices.

“The false alarm problem is very, very important to this industry,” said Guthart. “The whole economic basis of our industry revolves around monitoring. If the police won’t respond because there are too many false alarms, it weakens the industry. SAIC is sponsored by all the major industry associations, including the Canadian Security Association, TMA (formerly CSAA), ESA and SIA. It is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical group that is focused solely on solving this problem.”

“Anytime we have needed help he stepped forward with his time and resources,” said Stan Martin, SIAC Executive Director. “During the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) fight where the very existence of our industry was threatened Leo came to Washington D.C. and delivered an incredibly powerful message to members of congress that resonated in the halls of the Capital for years. The industry was victorious against all odds.”

“Leo had recognized for a long time that alarm management and law enforcement relationships were critical to the long-term viability of our industry,” said Martin. “He stepped forward, again and offered his time and resources to help form SIAC in 2002 and then graciously agreed to chair the board of directors, no pay, no perks, no glory… just the dedication to an industry he loves and he has been doing that same work for SIAC for 15 consecutive years!”

Guthart began his career in 1964 at Ademco and left the security industry after Ademco (Pittway Corporation) was sold to Honeywell. He stayed on with Honeywell long enough to help with the transition. In August 2000 he founded the Topspin companies comprise a venture capital and buyout group.

2015 Ron Rothman

Ron Rothman has been involved in the security industry for over 32 years, beginning his career as an inside salesperson at an ADEMCO office in Miami and advancing all the way to lead Honeywell’s global security business. Through these three decades, Ron created and maintained longstanding relationships with alarm dealers and integrators, and given his time and support to a variety of industry associations.

Through his work at ADEMCO and Honeywell, Ron helped security dealers succeed by developing products that were easier to sell and install, create additional recurring revenue and lower attrition. Ron was heavily involved in the development of the award-winning VISTA and LYNX controls, AlarmNet long-range radio and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services – products that have changed the way people engage with their security systems.

Ron is a visionary, as demonstrated by his foresight in Honeywell’s approach to the Connected Home and Connected Building space. Well ahead of the game, Ron saw the impact that broadband and smart phones would bring to the security space and ensured that the direction for the Honeywell products would go beyond just security and life safety to awareness, comfort and convenience.

During his career, Ron has been committed to helping in SIAC’s efforts because he believes the work to reduce unnecessary alarm dispatches and non-response is vital to the industry. Honeywell has been a great supporter of SIAC financially, and in an active advisory role. Ron has spread the word to Honeywell dealers, vendors and service providers about SIAC and the important role it plays in sustaining the highly successful business model that our industry has benefited from for decades.

Ron has spared no resource to ensure the success of SIAC, offering Honeywell’s staff, expertise and facilities to promote and produce literature, videos and enhance our visibility with law enforcement. His passion for and commitment to our industry is unsurpassed.

2012 Maria Malice

Maria Malice is Vice President Special Projects of COPS Monitoring and the current President of the Arizona Alarm Association. Malice is the Arizona representative to the ESA Board of Directors and an active member of the ESA Government Relations Committee. She also served as the SIA 3rd Party Monitoring Committee Chair. alice spent 17 years with ACM U.L. Monitoring Center, leaving in 2002 as a Vice President. As President of the Arizona Association, she has been responsible for leading this renowned ESA Chapter to win the “Chapter of the Year” award twice, “Newsletter of the Year” and was herself selected as the “ESA President of the Year”. Malice has guided the association through a couple of the most challenging years in its history. She was in the forefront of the industry’s effort to reverse an onerous ordinance where customer fines were to be paid by the alarm companies. She assisted the Tucson Police in passing the industry model ordinance that was opposed by rogue dealers in the area, and she was at the helm when state licensing legislation was finally passed after many years of effort. SIAC recognizes Maria Malice as a tenacious and dedicated leader who can always be counted on to organize local dealers, attend council meetings, coordinate legislative efforts, review documents, make phone calls and most importantly keep a professional and positive disposition during high pressure questioning by public officials and/or during high profile media interviews. Today we honor Maria as one of our two 2012 recipients of the William Moody Award, which is given to those individuals who unselfishly donate their time and talents to alarm management issues, and reflect the attributes of Bill Moody: Integrity, fairness and perseverance in the face of adversity.

2010 Ivan Spector

Ivan Spector is President of Sentinel Alarm Company in Montreal, Canada, a full service U.L.C. listed Alarm Company and Monitoring Station. Sentinel is a high end custom design service provider. With over 25 years of Industry experience, Ivan has served on CANASA’s Executive Committee in a multitude of capacities, and as National President. As a former Chairman of the CANASA Response Committee, Ivan has been very involved in driving many False Dispatch Reduction Initiatives. Ivan has also served on SIA’s (Security Industry Association) Board of Directors, is currently on CSAA’s (Central Station Alarm Association) Board of Directors, and was a founding member of SIAC (Security Industry Alarm Coalition) and served as it’s first Public Relations Chair. He has also served on the Board of Directors of many local institutions in Montreal, and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Starlight Foundation helping seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. Ivan is a Superior Court of Canada Expert Witness, and has presented in many parts of North America relating to Security system design, installation, sales and false alarm dispatch reduction. Ivan is a graduate of McGill University, and he and his wife Jodi have 4 children. Ivan is known for his wisdom and keen insight, adding immeasurably to the SIAC accomplishments and successes.

2008 Jon Sargent

Industry Relations Manager for ADT, is recognized as one of the strongest leaders on alarm response issues in the United States and is currently President of the California Alarm Association. His 35 years in the security industry include active participation in alarm management and law enforcement organizations. He serves on the Board of Directors of the NBFAA and is the 2007 recipient of the NBFAA’s Chapter President of the Year. Sargent is an Advisory Board member of the California Department of Consumer Affairs in its Bureau of Security and Investigative Services division. He is also a past-President of the Golden Gate Alarm Association. Sargent currently serves as an Industry/Law Enforcement Liaison for SIAC and is the cornerstone for our operations in west where he is constantly engaged in challenging ordinance activity. He is well-respected by his peers and law enforcement.

2007 Chris Cage

“Chris Cage helped create NBFAA’s 1994 model ordinance in 1994. The ordinance serves as the cornerstone for the electronic security industry in its work with law enforcement across North America. Chris’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the most important provisions helped SIAC and the industry put this together with input from other interested parties, including top police officials,” Stan Martin, SIAC Executive Director, said. “During his 20-plus year tenure with Brink’s Home Security, Chris engagement with alarm management issues spans many cities and campaigns. His wise counsel and critical insights have repeatedly contributed to positive local solutions, and an improved relationship between companies in the security industry, local elected officials and law enforcement.” “Chris is committed to better alarm management practices not only at Brink’s, but throughout the industry. He ensured Brink’s shared resources and knowledge with others, which contributed to better ordinances. His steady hand and informed mind keeps our industry on top of these issues.”

2004 William Moody

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) honored Bill Moody with the SIAC Excellence Award in recognition of decades of service to the industry and the promotion of enhanced public safety throughout North America. SIAC also announced the establishment of the SIAC William N. Moody Excellence Award to recognize those who continue to work to maximize the benefit that alarm systems provide to communities. The inaugural SIAC William N. Moody Award was presented to Kathleen Schraufnagel of Brink’s Home Security. “Bill Moody demands no more than he gives himself and his dedication to carrying the alarm management message to law enforcement receives little recognition,” said SIAC executive director Stan Martin. “Bill has set a high standard for professional conduct in the industry.” Moody has been at the forefront of the industry efforts to promote effective use of alarm systems and developing strong public/private partnerships with law enforcement on the national and local level through his work with SIAC and other industry initiatives. “He brings a strong and clear message to law enforcement, municipal staff and elected officials and members of the alarm industry that the work we do is important.” In addition to working directly with public agencies, Moody has mentored many industry leaders and encouraged all companies in the industry to become involved in their local community.

2016 Glen Mowrey

Glen Mowrey has been involved in law enforcement and the electronic security industry for almost 50 years, 36 years in law enforcement with the Miami-Dade (FL) Police Department and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Police Department and retiring as Deputy Chief of Police in Charlotte. He had a distinguished career in law enforcement, serving in virtually every area.

He’s a Life Member of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police, a member of the National Sheriffs’ Association, an ASIS International Law Enforcement Liaison and a member of fifteen State Associations of Chiefs of Police.

Glen has served for the past 12-and-a-half years as National Law Enforcement Liaison with the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC). Since joining SIAC he’s been instrumental in bringing the security industry and law enforcement together and forging strong and sustained partnerships. His brainchild was the creation of Alarm Management Committees. The committees are comprised of three police chiefs and three industry members (hand-picked) and coordinated by SIAC, working under the auspices of the State’s Police Chiefs Associations. The committees are now in fifteen states with others planned. Through the committees’ work, Glen has been instrumental in the development and adoption of the states’ Model Alarm Ordinances — the development of an ECV resolution and enacting ECV as state law in several states. He’s working with over 100 agencies to develop Alarm Ordinances and Alarm Management Programs, some reaching reductions of nearly 80 percent. He serves as Chair of AIREF’s Research Committee, overseeing four national industry studies.

Glen has been involved in advisory and leadership roles with many professional and community organizations, and is a past Instructor of law enforcement courses for the University of Louisville and North Carolina State University.

He is the recipient of numerous professional, community and civic honors, and been honored with establishing the Glen Mowrey Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Activities League’s Scholarship Award, as well as a Glen Mowrey Law Enforcement Official of the Year Award in North Carolina.

Glen resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He and his wife have a son and daughter and four grandchildren.

His passion and commitment to law enforcement, our industry and community service is unsurpassed.

2014 Ron Walters

Ron Walters has been engaged with the alarm industry for over twenty-five years and held numerous committee positions at the state and national level. He has served on multiple training/educational committees and represented SIAC on numerous standard committees. Ron is also the past-president of the Alarm Association of Florida.
He has been an active participant in the effort to reduce alarm dispatches exclusively for over 17 years, serving as one of the original Industry-IACP Model States Coordinators, a field director for the AIREF-CARE program and is currently a Director of SIAC. He is considered a national ordinance expert with a keen eye for detail. He performs dealer training, writes educational material and has authored dozens of profound and issue-solving articles for our industry. He is always ready to address city councils or engage law enforcement on onerous ordinance provisions. He has traveled to nearly every state in the United States and has presented sessions in Canada, sharing his wisdom and knowledge with dealers and companies at every level.
As an ex-police officer and a previous alarm company/central station owner with vast experience, he applies that knowledge every day to enhance the professionalism of our industry. Ron is a gifted speaker, a true leader and an individual of impeccable character that always thinks about the betterment of others and serving the public above his own self-interests. He has shown diligence, tenacity and fortitude in accomplishing every task ever given to him by this industry. His passion and dedication to our cause is unsurpassed.
Because he doesn not look for accolades or credit, he tends to keep himself behind the scenes. But most assuredly he has been one of the very best and brightest contributors to the success that has been achieved in the reduction of alarm dispatches. Ron’s keen wit, never-ending sense of humor and unassuming demeanor (when needed) allows him to blend with any crowd and quickly gain acceptance. Ron has willingly and unselfishly jumped on an airplane with short notice to attend a critical meeting or represent our interest on an issue many times. Yet, he always has time to share a moment with a friend or colleague to offer an encouraging word. It is with great honor, that we salute Ron Walters with the highly prestigious William N Moody Award for his superior, consistent and ongoing efforts to promote the goals of SIAC and our industry.

Previous Winners
2012 Mel Mahler

Mel Mahler is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADS Security. Mahler currently serves the business community as the Vice-Chairman/Treasurer and board member of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, board member of the Central Station Alarm Association, member of the Board of Advisors for American Alarm, member of the Board of Habitec and also Gilmore Security. Mahler spent 19 years at Xerox, leaving in 1980 after serving as Vice President of Marketing. Since then, he has held positions as President of Ryder Distribution Systems, Savin Corporation and Comdata Network. In 1989, along with his partners, Bent and Van der Veer, ADS Security was established with 2,000 accounts and currently serves approximately 70,000 customers. Mahler has been recognized with countless awards such as 2004 Security Dealer Industry Icon of the Year, 2005 Security Sales and Integration (SSI) Entrepreneur of the Year, 2005 Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year, Middle Tennessee’s Better Business Bureau 2007 Ambassador of the Year finalist, 2008 First Alert Professional Medal of Honor, 2009 SSI Hall of Fame, and the 2010 Stanley C. Lott Award. At SIAC, we deeply appreciate his board service for ten years as the Treasurer, Vice-Chair, and bridge builder to other associations. We’re able to continue our national outreach because of Mel’s tireless energy to find solutions to complex issues in a constantly changing environment. It’s a thankless job, but Mel faces it daily with enthusiasm. He’s a team player and dedicated to the best interests of the industry. Today we honor Mel as one of our two 2012 recipients of the William Moody Award, which is given to those individuals who unselfishly donate their time and talents to alarm management issues, and reflect the attributes of Bill Moody: Integrity, fairness and perseverance in the face of adversity.

2009 Robert Bonifas

For over 20 years Bob has been a leader in the alarm management dispatch reduction effort. At every turn he has provided wisdom, leadership and personal resources to our industry. His commitment is unparalleled. He spearheaded the “Model Cities Project” that preceded the highly successful “Model States Project”, a defining moment in time which yielded the best practices and resulting model ordinance that is still utilized by thousands of law enforcement agencies today. When it became obvious that police departments lacked adequate software, he again took the lead, developing the “False Alarm Analysis Program” for police at a high personal cost in time and resources, with the support of CSAA. The program is still in distribution and use today throughout the United States. Bob has always led by example, applying extraordinary personal effort to seek solutions at any cost, testing theories, measuring results and sharing that information with everyone. His passion for change and diligence led to the creation of the ANSI SIA CP-01 standard-a cornerstone for alarm dispatch reduction. He continues to be an advocate of the SIAC and vigorously defends every initiative this industry has taken to reduce alarm dispatches, just ask him! Bob has served as president of the NBFAA and CSAA, was one of the founding members of SIAC and currently serves on the Board of Directors. This award is but a small tribute to a man that has added immeasurably to the professionalism and success of this industry.

2008 Dave Simon

Senior Manager of Communications, Government and Industry Relations for Brink’s Home Security, Dave is Chairman of SIAC Public Relations Committee where he has directed all public relations for over four years now. Key initiatives have included: 1) the oversight of the Salt Lake City survey by Bisconti Research; 2) Close liaison with the North Texas Alarm Association to keep the alarm issue alive before the Dallas City Council leading to the repeal of Verified Response just over a year after implementation. Dave has traveled dozens of times over the past four years to various states representing the alarm industry interests when onerous ordinances or policies have been proposed. He is President of North Texas Alarm Association and a board member of Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. Dave is a key team player who has added immeasurably to the SIAC accomplishments and successes.

2005 Ron Haner