Our Mission

The mission of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition is to create a structure for all interested parties to come together under the banner of “dispatch reduction” and “alarm management” and through a coordinated effort to maximize the impact on “false dispatch reduction” and “alarm management” across North America by maintaining a liaison with national and state (or provincial) law enforcement leadership, while educating and empowering local alarm communities to proactively foster relationships with law enforcement before a crisis develops.

Our Structure 

SIAC, Inc is a 501(c)(6) not for profit Delaware corporation. Our Board of Directors has two members from each of the major North American trade associations: CANASA – Canadian Security Association, TMA – The Monitoring Association (formerly CSAA), ESA – Electronic Security Association, SIA – Security Industry Alarm Association, and an elected Chairman.

Our Committment 

On behalf of all four North American alarm associations, we are committed to:

  • Make every reasonable effort to reduce false alarms that result in false dispatches by law enforcement.
  • Be diligent in educating alarm dealers. law enforcement, consumers and other interested parties.
  • Provide assistance to law enforcement at no charge.