If you plan to attend ESX next month in Fort Worth, we hope you plan attend the SIAC Awards Breakfast on Friday June 17 at 8 a.m. It’s a special event celebrating SIAC’s 20 Years of service to the industry. We will recognize leaders in the alarm management arena with the William M Moody and PDQ – Police Dispatch Quality awards.

Due to the generosity of ESX, the SIAC Breakfast will be made available to all who attend, regardless of which pass the attendee has signed up for.  Stan Martin, Brandon Freeman, and Julie Lyons have been working hard on the content. Joe Kuhns, Ph.D., Professor, UNC Charlotte, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, will be releasing a SIAC-sponsored study on false alarm research. Be the first to see the results revealing new facts that will have a profound impact on how law enforcement views response to alarms.



If you have not registered for the ESX Expo, here is the link with more information: https://esxweb.com/esx-schedule/.  Over the years, ESX has develop a stellar reputation providing high quality learning experiences on issues facing the electronic security industry as well as great networking opportunities. We can attest to the help they provide businesses of any size in our industry.

Before signing off on this blog, SIAC also would like to announce we have a new member on our Board of Directors.  SIA has appointed Akash Sah, an executive with Brink’s Home Security to our board.  Akash is excited (as we are) to join the SIAC team.

 Stan Martin