For more than 50 years, Pat Egan has been involved with the alarm industry. From small beginnings, he as grown to become an industry leader, a long-time supporter of SIAC and a good friend to many.

“I’m proud to say Pat Egan is my friend and a long-time supporter of SIAC,” Martin said. “Like many of you, I’ve known Pat for many, many years. No would argue the point he is a unique individual who drives hard to meet his goals, has compassion for what he believes in and has a heart for this industry unlike I’ve ever seen.”

Egan has donated countless hours of time, resources, and funds to SIAC over the years even in challenging times.

 “He once attended a state alarm industry meeting and heard me speak on SIAC accomplishments and how we support dealers at all levels through our outreach to law enforcement. He knew more state associations should hear that message, but recognized we had budget limitations,” Martin said. “He pulled me aside and offered to donate his air mileage or pay to cover travel to the various state chapters for the next 12 months. I took him up on the offer and as a result hundreds of dealers across the country were able to hear about SIAC.”

“Though the last couple of years have been a challenge for Pat, he has never missed making a financial contribution to SIAC each year,” Martin said. “He never fails to greet me with a smile and a handshake and an offer to help any way he can. There is something to be said for that rare individual who demonstrates such compassion and loyalty to a cause. I truly wish him the best and on behalf of this industry, SIAC and myself offer him a sincere ‘Thank You’ for all of his years of support.”