Technology Advancement

Aug 13, 2021 | Uncategorized

SIAC’s stated mission is “One Voice for the Alarm Industry on Alarm management Issues.”  Therefore, we don’t recommend one technology over another to improve the operation of alarm management systems. There’s a reason for that. We are not in the business of promoting equipment from one manufacturer or another. 

That doesn’t mean new technologies shouldn’t be adopted.  To the contrary, SIAC is supportive of technologies that many companies have adopted over the past few years, and we look for for new technologies that improve alarm system management.   

SIAC’s job is to work collaboratively across all disciplines to reduce false dispatches. That includes education, sharing of information and best practices, highlighting key issues with the news media and sitting down with law enforcement to find joint solutions.

Technology evolves with new and exciting artificial intelligence, but one thing is for sure, technology changes and advances, and therefore we don’t “tie” to any one technology.  Food for thought.