Two New Police Chiefs Join SIAC

Apr 25, 2022 | Blog

SIAC is pleased to report that we have added two new, highly respected police chiefs to our staff.  They have been interviewed, vetted, and accepted part time positions at SIAC. Welcome Chief Joe Estey, former President of IACP and Chief Scott Knight, former IACP Executive Committee member of two terms. 

Tim Creenan, Stan Martin, Chief Glen Mowrey and Chief Steve Keefer as well as SIAC Chairman Kirk MacDowell met with the candidates, and were thoroughly impressed.  Both Chiefs will serve SIAC on a contract part time basis. 

Continuing to connect with law enforcement across the country, with new talent like Chiefs Estey and Knight, helps promote alarm management practices, as well as establish new relationships and enhance our current network of professionals in the public sector. We believe adding Chiefs Estey and Knight to our SIAC staff will greatly improve our outreach capabilities to promote alarm management best practices.

Headshot of Joe Estey
Chief Joe Estey (ret)
Headshot of Scott Knight
Chief Scott Knight (ret)

Please join us at SIAC in welcoming Chief Scott Knight and Chief Joe Estey aboard.