Why Training Counts

Aug 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

Training counts. It counts when it comes to developing your employees. It counts when it comes to ensuring quality installations and service calls. And, it counts when it comes to alarm management.

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) offers multiple training courses throughout the year to help employees hone their skills. Their National Training School (NTS) are developed by industry professional in security integration and their courses focus on practical skills and knowledge relevant to the required jobs and tasks in a subject area. As the security integration channel and code specifics evolve, so does ESA’s courses, reflecting the latest trends and updates. For more information, go to: https://esaweb.org/training/.

ESA’s wealth of training programs serves all your electronic security training needs. Recently, a training session for the California Alarm Association (CAA) caught our eye as well. The new training program is available to technicians nationwide. It includes online course work leading to a Field Service Technician 1 designation and more than 100 hours of continuing education.

The course itself benefits the technician taking the class, the company that sent him, and the electronic security industry. When you develop the talent on your team, they get better, and that’s good all around. Technicians who know the best installation standards and how to troubleshoot problems help to minimize any issues that can occur when it comes to alarm installations and follow-up service calls. Both ESA’s and CAA’s courses will help you get there.

The 24-hour CAA course is delivered in 11 modules, with instruction ranging from business communications to intrusion detection. If you want to develop your technicians, ESA and CAA are good places to start your new hire or develop technicians already on your staff.

Their success becomes your business’s success. And, that in turn fuels the success of the electronic security industry and how effectively alarms are managed. If you’d like to learn more, go to: www.nationaltrainingprogram.com.